GDR 16x Aussie Map

Hi Guys
Today i am releasing a BETA Version of my 16x Aussie map called Great Dividing Range.
Map info.
-290 Fields
-140 odd farmlands
-2 Towns
-5 Sheep pastures
-2 Cattle pastures
-Multiple Logging areas

I will do a post on Facebook on how to use the animals

Note i made this map especially for a multiplayer server so thats why some things are a certain way.
THIS MAP IS STILL A BETA SO NOT EVERYTHING IS PERFECT. There is still a fair bit i have to do and fix i have just lost a bit of interest and dont have time at the moment. i will get back to it and put an update out in the future.

Id like to thank all the guys in the AMC Group for all the help with this map. I defiantly appreciate all the help you guys gave me. you know who you are.
Also thanks to Serious mods for his stubble textures.

Enjoy the map i hope you guys have fun with it. I look forward to seeing screenshots of people playing it.

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