Grain Mill Plus

Grain Mill Plus –

Added Features:
– Added ability to grind Corn into Corn Meal and Cracked Corn.
– Custom made textures for Cracked Corn and Corn Meal.
– Corn Meal is put on pallets to sell and Cracked Corn is stored in the silo at the Grainmill.
– Added Cracked Corn to the „bulk” and „farmSilo” categories so it can be stored in any farm silo and carried in any trailer or shovel.
– Corn Meal and Cracked Corn can be sold with the included placable sellpoint.
– Cracked Corn can also be used to feed chickens in maps that are set up to do so.
– Modders are free to use my textures and additions in this mod to add Corn Meal or Cracked Corn to their maps for chicken feed, mods, etc. I only ask that I get credit for my work.
– Pallets of Cracked Corn can be purchased at the shop to use as chicken feed in maps set up to use it.
– Increased the pallet spawner capacity to hold 18 pallets.
– Cost $96,000

– Capacities are:
Wheat – 570,000
Barley – 570,000
Oats – 570,000
Sorghum – 570,000
Corn – 570,000
Flour – 300,000
Cornmeal – 300,000
Cracked Corn – 500,000

Author: Macktrucker921

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