Great Western Farms 22

Great Western Farms 22 is now complete.

This update changes almost everything with more production and more features on the map, including new crops,
new fruits, new fill types, and almost all map productions have been updated and customized!

Great Western Farms 22 is reminiscent of my original map in FS15.
It is laid out the same way and uses the same terrain and basic features.
Additionally, many new features and productions have been added to the map using Giant’s new system.
and in the first public version, nearly 50 new types of fillers have been added through products which make the gameplay busy and exciting.

This map also includes forestry and a train to sell grain in Goldcrest Valley if desired.
Check it out and come home to Great Western Farms 22 today!
Special thanks to the modders who make great buildings and other parts that were used in this map.

Author: Asylum Modding

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