Greenhills Estate

Welcome to Greenhills Estate
The Greenhills estate is located in the heart of the English countryside and has been
left as pasture land for many years, now the land is being sold for farmland.
The local land owner and neighbour have some fields, so some contracts may be avaliable.

Have you got what it takes to create fields, build production chains,
complete contracts, and become a profitable farmer?

The map is standard 2km x 2km size and includes:
– 4 fields
– 57 buyable farmlands
– 2 Forestry areas
– Sale points for grains, bales, and production items
– Sawmill
– Extra ground angles
– Extra paintable terrain textures
– Extra decorative plants and bushes
– UK License Plates
– Custom soil map for precision farming

– No traffic
– No Pedesrians
– No collectables

The map has the standard seasonal growth plan

Enjoy the map and happy farming.



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