GRP barrel 10,000 liters

Here I put at your disposal my GRP barrel of 10,000 liters
Here is some information about the GRP barrel:

Modhub’s sloping bottom container mod is required, it will be downloaded automatically when you select the mod and start the Savegame.
Why is it necessary?
Because this can be hitched to the trailer and thus filled and operated.
You can either put it on with the front loader, or drive alongside and hook the R button.
Same as for sloping bottom containers.
Before filling, the keg must be opened, otherwise no filling is possible.
All functions are also listed in the Help menu.
Here is also the link to the mod: sloping bottom container mod

There are two versions: a sub-breeding for all kinds of liquids.
And one under the slurry tanks can transport slurry but only has a working width of 2.4 meters.

Price: €18,551
Category: breeding
Category: slurry tankers
Capacity: 10000L


loping Bottom Container

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