Gumpen Mega Field And Forest Map

Welcome to Gumpen, a small town in Hesse in the Odenwald district, in the middle of the country surrounded by meadows and fields.

It is a standard size map that is fully developed.

– 1 XXL forest, which has been divided into 6 purchasable plots
– 30 fields medium to large.
– A small town and a few sales stations.
– Bale acceptance (sales) installed at the animal dealer.
– And much more.

Large yard with:
– Cowshed with fully automatic feeding system
– Poultry breeding facility
– BGA system 500MW (Must be purchased first)
– Pig breeding facility
– Sawmill with 3 productions (Must be purchased first)
– And much more.

We recommend the Platinum Expansion DLC for production at the sawmill.

I would like to say thank you to all the modders who have had their elements built into the map.


Chicken Coop

Chicken Barn Large

Cow Barn Big With LIZARD Mixfeeder

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