Herdsman’s Stick

Need to move or sort animals between husbandries on your yard quickly and easily without using animal trailer?
With this tool you can. You can sort of ”simulate” moving of the cattle on tier own foots in large quantities between pastures as they normally would be.
And you can do it with style! Nice fancy stick design with wolf on top.

Price: 100 $
Accpted animals: cows, sheeps, pigs, chickens, horses.
Animal transport capacity: 200 (each species)
Shop category: animal transport
This stick can be strapped on with tension belt so it will never fall out of your vehicle or trailer.

– Pick up the herdsman’s stick with hand and move it inside of the animal loading trigger.
– Open the animal loading menu and put animals you want to the herdsman’s stick as you would normally do with animal trailer.
– Move the stick with your hand to other husbandry animal loading trigger, unload animals the same way and done.



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