Homemade stationary engine V8

Homemade stationary engine V8

Conversion & adjustments: Pfuscher Garage – BTS / Butters Tunig Schmiede
Original .: Trailer = Eicher Fan (Vertex Design) / Motor = ETS & ATS / Amaturen = Original Giants (Fiat)

Brand .: Homemade
Category .: misc
Price: 8500.- FS Teuro’s

! NO brochure realism!
! is a stationary engine that was adapted after 2022!

But it’s enough to play and have fun
Nobody is forced to use this mod.

What can the V8 do??

Power approx. = 530 HP
2 power take-off shafts (PTO)
Color choice body = multicolor
Color choice of rims = Multicolor
different tire sets

The trailer can drive and steer independently for maneuvering,
all shafts, fittings and levers are animated.
Pto controlled.
The rear supports are controlled via mouse control (middle mouse wheel)
Various attachment options can be configured!
He may have to go for an emissions test

TrailerLow Attacher – with towing eye
TrailerLow Attacher – with K80
Trailer – Zugoese

Machines with low or trailer attachers can be coupled
Low trailers use the left rear Pto
Trailer the right rear PTO.

!!! Important !!!

„He/She (depending on what it is) must be attached to the towing vehicle like a trailer NOT the other way around”

That’s how it should be…….. HAAAALT Stop! ! ! No, there’s still something missing…

A big thank you to Eicher Fan (Vertex Design) for releasing his Blomenröhr trailer (already FS19)

So now… have fun with the BTS – EB 530 V8

Download.: https://workupload.com/file/xtzrvazFxxk


Butter / BT

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