IHC 946-1246

The tractor has been rebuilt and some bugs have been fixed
-Inside camera
-Collision of the hood
-Minor problems

There will be updates, the tractor is not ready!

Interactive Control was also installed and can also be used The following was made
Rear PTO can be switched on and off
Rear hitch Can be raised or lowered
Tractor can be switched on with the ignition key
Soft top can be opened

There are still many things planned. Suggestions are welcome

The tractor still has a few small flaws
– Cardan shaft is missing
– There may be difficulties with individual attachments (please let me know)
-Ai collision deprecated (Warning)
-2 AttacherJoints warnings that disappear when selecting the front hydraulics

Please tell me sound suggestions

Characteristics :
– Price: €30,400
– Power: 90 – 220 hp
-Tire configuration
-Engine configuration
-Rim color
-Front loader
-Front linkage


Interactive Control

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