Improved chicken feed

Welcome to the Chow Animal Feed Extension (CAFE) module system.
The purpose of this system is to add more realistic animal feeding to Farming Simulator 22.
Each CAFE system mod can be used with other CAFE mods or individually.

Improved chicken feed expands the method of feeding chickens,
by adding a new topping called chicken feed,
which is a mixture of soy, wheat,
Barley, sorghum or corn in any desired proportion.

To achieve 100% productivity in chickens, you need to feed them chicken feed,
because pure grain feeding in game has been reduced to 80%.
Because more crops have to be grown to feed the chickens, egg prices have increased.

To prepare chicken feed using a mixer wagon, you need to download the Enhanced Mixer Wagon mod.
Pallets of chicken feed can also be purchased at the store.


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