Inheritance Challenge – The Ol’ Farm

This is a savegame of the UMRV BYF map preloaded with equipment and a custom built farm.

Rules and additional guidelines is in a text file as well as install instructions.

Backstory –

You are a failed businessman that had left his small town of Mcgregor after high school to make it big in the city. After many attempts and many loans to get your own business ideas going they all ended up not panning out, and with the bank foreclosing on your home you are left with your F-350 you have had paid off from the summers working on your grandparents farm as a teen. With no house and very little money and a tremendous debt to the bank you call back home to your family for a place to go, your parents have no room for you to stay since grandma moved in after grandpa passed on, your dad informs you that the ol’ farm is still there, a bit overgrown and hasn’t been farmed in 15 or so years, but still standing. Your grandma offers you the farm in hopes to see the family tradition live on. You accept her offer and pack all your belongings in your truck and head to Mcgregor and arrive at the motel in the late evening hours. The sun rises on a new day, and the story continues with what you do next.




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