John Deere 400 Rotary Hoe

The John Deere 400 rotary hoe is an implement that was manufactured by John Deere from about the 1960s to the 1990s, and it was one of the most popular rotary hoes on the market. The rotary hoe was an essential tool for farms that don’t or can’t use herbicides. It works by disturbing the very top layer of the soil early in the growing season, uprooting weeds that have just started to sprout. It still finds uses on many farms today for breaking up topsoil that has crusted and might otherwise prevent crop emergence. Deere made these tools in 15′, 20′, 25′, 28′, 30′, and 40′ foot variations. This is the 15′ variant with later year decals. This mod is in the weeders category, features fully custom wear, dirt, normal and AO maps, and a fully animated parking stand. It has the following store options:

$4,500 Price
11 MPH Working Speed
70 HP Needed
4.6m Working Width
SMV Triangle: Yes/No
Warning Stickers: Yes/No
Safety Shield: Yes/No
Ubolt colors: Green/Silver

Lots of work went into making this mod as accurately as possible. Hours of research, referencing, and even getting my hands on pieces from a real John Deere 400 like the control arm and taking reference photos and measurements of it to accurately model it! Definitely a challenging product, but the end result is one of the most accurate and detailed models out there, guaranteed.

I hope you enjoy this very accurately recreated and iconic piece of American farm machinery!

Author: Rooster Mods

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