John Deere 8030 (Simple IC)

John Deere 8030 with Simple IC

– Price: 185.000
– Power: 218-360HP
– Max Speed 50km/h / 31mph
– Simple Ic (door, steering wheel height and position, back window, front bonnet, front suspension, driving seat)
– Multiple Wheel brands (Continental, Michelin, Mitas, BKT, Vredestein, Trelleborg)
– Multiple Wheel types
– Three designs (EU, US, Austrialian)
– Two seat colours (dark and light brown)
– Three warning signs (2x EU, US folded and unfolded)
– Multiple external designs (additional lights, mud guards)
– GPS (empty mounting, SF3000, SF6000)
– Hazard lights
– Front attacher (none, 3-point, empty bracket, 300kg, 500kg, 700kg, 1010kg)
– Engine setups (8130 AP, 8130 IVT, 8130 PS, 8230 AP, 8230 IVT, 8230 PS, 8330 AP, 8330 IVT, 8330 PS, 8430 AP, 8430 IVT, 8430 PS, 8530 AP, 8530 IVT, 8530 PS)

To change suspension height and rotate the drivers seat please use buttons inside of the cabin on the drivers seat.

– Changed front suspension to be fully extended from the start. It can be controlled (up and down) via the console on the drivers seat)

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