John Deere HD50F Articulated

Now harvesting like a big mower in undulating terrain will no longer be a problem, capture more of your crop in undulating and uneven terrain with the John Deere HD50F. The HD50F features two points of articulation making your harvesting more efficient

Specifications John Deere HD50F
– Working width: 15.2 meters
– Price: $99,500
– Working speed: 6.2 mph
– Two-point articulated mower for better ground tracking
– Air bar option relying on turbine sound when option is active
– Optional between side nozzles and facades for free canola.
– Optional cores for the air bars
– Has reel height and distance control animations
– It has distance control adjustment of the air bars
– You can choose, through manual control, whether you want to use the cutter in an articulated or rigid way

Changelog V1.5.0.0
– Added multicolor for you to combine with other harvesters in the game
– Now in the mod two cutters appear, one with multicolor and the other not
– Added possibility to remove brand stickers

Changelog V2.0.0.0
Added 35, 40 and 45 foot models with the same, but already presented in the 50 foot version. Both have a working speed of 6.2 mph, as well as a green and black color option for the wheel hub.

Specifications of the new models:
– Working width: 10.6 meters
– Price: $69,600
– Working width: 12 meters
– Price: $79,600

– Working width: 13.7 meters
– Price: $89000


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