Kenworth K108 Tipper Pack

Kenworth K108
2 Cabin Variants – Flat Roof and Aerodyne
Fully animated interior with all gauges and computers working. Real Interior Lights. Animated Antennas and Mudflaps.
Functioning windows: Right window Roll down Key=N Right window roll up Key=J
Left window Roll down Key=Shift+N Left window Roll up Key=Shift+J
Functioning Fifthwheel: Move forward Key=K Move backward Key=M
Foldable Road Train and Oversize Signs on a design configuration. Can fold to a cloth cover using Key=X
When using Prime Mover with a tarped trailer, the tarps open using Key=Z.
Two XMLs: Prime Mover and Tipper
Included in the is a tipper and dog trailer addon to be used with the Tipper K108.
Same tipper bin as my T900 pack but upgraded. New taillights with animated mudflaps.

Author: Carver02

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