Kesla Forestry Cranes

Kesla Forestry Cranes

– Crane 326T with proG26 Grapple
Possibility to turn the Grapple free when used as a Skidding crane.
Price: 45,000 $

– Crane 326T with 18RH II Harvester head
Simplified crane control with tree detection.
Cutting lengths up to 12 meters in 0.5 meter steps.
After coupling, a display appears behind the crane, In order to place it visually in the vehicle, it can be moved freely via the 2nd control group.
Price: 45,000 $

– Log Fork
Serves as a storage place for the Grapple and the Harvester head while driving.
Short and long fork versions can be selected.
3 point and front loader hitch selectable.
Price: 3,000 $

– PC Only
Support for „Work Camera” from Bargon Mods, Oscar_8599
Support for „Camera System” from VertexFloat


HR For t und Fahrzeugbau

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