Krone Swap Bodies Pack

With the Krone swap body package, you can transport goods from A to B.
The pack adds 3 trailers and 10 swap bodies.

Included in the package:
– Krone tandem trailer
-Krone turntable trailer
– Krone swap bodies swap body
– Krampe tipper swap body
– Swap body with Lizard stake structure
– Lizard animal transport swap body
– Krone Load Carrier swap body
– Lizard tank body swap body
– Platform swap body Krone HD
and much more

– air suspension
– Foldable stops
– Over 100 colors to customize
– Numerous configurations
– Animated mudflaps
– Animated plastic wedges
– Animated door stops
and much more

The following mods are required!:
– Autoload script (by ACHIMOBIL)
– Universal Autoload (by Loki_79):
[Only if you want to use autoload for wood!]

The following mods are recommended:
– MAN TGX 2020 by BD_Modding
– Mercedes MP4 by BD_Modding
– Simple iC

Permissions and important information
Editing and uploading the mod to other sites is NOT allowed!!!

Updates / Changelog
– Krone swap body swap body revised (there is now only one
standard size)
– Krone Load Carrier swap bodies revised (there is now only one standard size)
– Revised AttacherJoints schema
– Fixed Krampe Kipper swap body unloading effects
– Added Krampe Kipper swap body reflector configuration at the rear
– Autoload revised (bales can now be loaded)
– The price of the Krone swap body has been increased
– Added Krone HD platform
– Added blind spot configuration
– Added new color palette


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