La Campagnarde Multifruit

Hello everyone, I share with you my Map La Campagnarde Multifruit FS22
I spent several weeks realizing it with good time but today I have the joy of finally being able to share it with you, hoping that you will be satisfied with it, here are the details of the Map below:
Fruit added to the map: alfalfa, carrot, hops, lavender, millet, onion, poppy, rye, spelt, triticale
the map contains:
4 plots of Herbs that you can harvest
6 plots for forestry work
1 cow pasture
1 sheep pasture
1 cow farm
1 pig farm
1 sheep farm
1 Chicken farm
1 stud farm (including stables where you can put horses inside)
for fans of vines you will definitely find a winery with these plots
The goal of the map is to play in teams to complete all the tasks in each location on the map as a team
you will find it in the form map folder where it will explain the installation of the map and these mods I assure you nothing very difficult
I strongly hope that this map will please you and that you will have a good time there as a team
I authorize you to place your personal buildings there and it is strictly forbidden to republish the map because it has taken a lot of time to create it.
did not hesitate to leave me comments to let me know of your satisfaction with my creation, try not to be too harsh on my creation, I am not a professional, I am only an amateur

for the creators of the Game I advise you to save in single player mods in easy mods so that everything is as it is when you start your multiplayer game)

there will be no next versions on this map

Good games to all and have as much fun as possible ????


Farm Production Pack

Preci ion Farming DLC

AGI Pack

Year 2 ea on Pa

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