Large industrial greenhouse

Introduce a new dimension to your farm with this large industrial greenhouse for „Farming Simulator 22”. This modern and spacious greenhouse is designed to maximize your agricultural production. Use seeds and fertilizer as inputs to grow a wide variety of plants at an industrial rate.

Features :

High capacity: The greenhouse is designed to accommodate large quantities of plants, providing massive and efficient production.

Inputs: Use a combination of seeds and fertilizer to optimize plant growth.

Outdoor Pallet Spawn: Finished products are automatically palletized and available outside the greenhouse, facilitating their collection and transport.

Point of Sale Included: The pack includes a dedicated point of sale for the greenhouse, allowing you to sell your products directly on the market.

Easy to Install: The mod is designed to be easily integrated into your game without complications.

price: 45,000
maintenance/day: 100

This industrial greenhouse mod will transform your gaming experience in FS22, giving you a whole new way to produce and sell crops on a large scale. Take command of this state-of-the-art facility and watch your farm thrive like never before!


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