Large trailer for potatoes and sugar beets

This trailer has a new manufacturer for your game (Vauxhall).
This is meant to add a bit more to your game and really has no impact!
The trailer has a MASSIVE capacity of 1,000,000 liters – each – and you can add as many as you want!
2, 3, 4 million liters of capacity on several trailers is now possible.
However, there are limits.
Trailers can only transport potatoes, sugar beets or sugar beet pulp – the large root vegetables that take up a lot of space

The Big Trailer features technologies first introduced in the sci-fi series Dr. Who Was Dreamed.
The premise that there is much more space available in a given area than it appears from the outside.
This technology is readily available today in the modern form of a women’s handbag!
The same technology is applied to the trailer.
You should be aware that the more you pack into the trailer, the heavier it gets (of course).
So using multiple trailers may mean you need a larger tractor to tow them all at once.
They weigh less than 5.5 tonnes empty, so even a small tractor can tow several empty trailers.
The idea of ​​these trailers is to complete several fields of potatoes or sugar beets in order.
Their low profile makes them ideal for unloading large potato/beet harvesters and also small ones pulled behind a tractor.

Supports multiple wheel brands and wide tires for some brands.

Price: €34,995
Capacity: 1,000,000L


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