Locomotive Pack

This is my railroad locomotive pack. I have everything from 1,500 hp mixers to massive 6,000 hp road locomotives. I’ve been working on this for a while now. I have a whole fleet of locomotives available from all the Class 1 railroads and a few fallen flags. Here’s a quick guide to setup with an explanation below:

Enter the locomotive and unfold it to unlock the bogies and turn freely.
For all locomotives, I use the Store Deliveries mod to spawn them next to the track, then use the super strength of my EasyDevControls mod to place them on the track. There are invisible wheels in the middle of the front and rear axles of each bogie. These invisible wheels sit between the rails and that’s what keeps them on the rails. trucks will stay on the tracks as they should. Once you have correctly placed the locomotive on the rails with the wheels invisible between the rails, you then need to press the „fold” function to unfold the locomotive. This will allow the bogies to turn freely as they should and follow the rails correctly. All locomotives can be connected to rolling stock and other locomotives from both ends. Currently, connecting several locomotives together does not increase traction power, it is strictly for aesthetics. I hope to include this feature in a future update with an MU cable.

All locomotives have the option to select the locomotive number.
All locomotives are also fitted with several different lights including headlights for SHF and LHF, illuminated number signs, truck lights, running lights and ditch lights which can be on continuously, flashing alternately , or both. Turning on the locomotive will light the bell.


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