Locura Direct Multi-Seeder

Seeder that currently supports game and modded planting/seeding. Also has color and tank size options.

— Current Parameter Options
– Wheel Brand
– Wheel Setup
– Compacity
– Main Color
– Design Color
– Rim Color
– License Plate

— Item Compatibility
Warning Please check your map for planting support. Not all maps will support all items.

???? Wheat
???? Barley
???? Canola
???? Oat
???? Sarghum
???? Corn
???? Sunflower
???? Soybean
???? Potato
???? Sugar Beat
???? Sugarcane
???? Cotton
???? Buckwheat
???? Onion
???? Hops
???? Mustard
???? Peas
???? Raspberries
???? Rye
???? Carrot
???? Linum
???? Alfalfa
???? Clover
???? Hemp
???? Meadow Grass
???? Grapes
???? Lavender
???? Olives
???? Grapes
???? Olives
???? Grass
???? Poplar Tree
???? Fir Tree
???? Oilseed Radish
???? Liquid Fertilizer
???? Solid Fertilizer
???? Herbicide

— Added Map Support
???? Yukon Valley
???? Agricultural Land

— Ways To Help
Contribute new code, or updating whats already here
Donate for Dr Pepper funds at Venmo @terranbytes
Join or start a discussion on the discussions tab

— Locura Mods
Locura Mods develops mods for multiple games including Dual Universe, The Sims 4, Farming Simulator 22, Cities: Skylines, and Scrap Mechanic. We also have multiple organizations set up in Dual Universe.

„Locura Mining Co” is a mining only org that also serves as a hub for our LUA code, mining rig sales, and raw ore sales. We also buy all ore. Join today for help and free equipment for mining.

„Locura Property Management” is an organization that rents territories for mining or other uses. Fees are due on a pre-determined basis that fits your play times. Fees are payable in Ore, Quanta, or anything else of value.

You may also VR to our store in Dual universe at „Locura Mining Co”.



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