Massey Ferguson 6480

Motor configurations: 6460, 6475, 6480
Wheels configurations
Front fenders configurations
BeaconLights configurations
Modefication configurations (Tier 2 or Tier 3)
LightBar Configurations
Antennas configurations
realGPS configuration
DashBoardLive Configuration
RearWindows tint configuration
Front loader configurations
Front attacher configurations
Base/Design/Rims conlor configurations
Interactive control support
realGPS support
Dashboard live support
Passenger mod support


-Fixed all log problems
-Fixed lights
-Fixed and redone passenger mod support
-Fixed lights intensity
-Fixed turn lights
-Fixed dynamic hoses for front attachers
-Fixed trailer attacher for front attacher
-Fixed animations of windows cylinders
-Fixed configuration names
-Fixed Interactive control problems
-Added windows tint configuration for rear windows
-Added new beacon light configurations (Added all types of beacon lights from base game, for Left,Right or both sides)
-Added new glass textures
-Added side windows opening by IC
-Added realGPS mod support with configuration for it
-Added Dashboard Live support and configuration for it
-Added new Interactive control icons
-Added dual wheels configuration for rear
-Added base game license plates
-Added Antennas that moves with inertia of tractor and configuration for them (Left, Right, or Both)
-Added LightsBar with headlights on it (When you pick it, front License plate location changes)

-Changed some of materials of few parts

-Fixed wear of few parts that had issue with wearing

-Removed some of unused i3d models/textures


Kubota Pack Pa enger Exten ion

Interactive Control

Da hboard Live


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