Hello everyone, today I am sharing the Mermonville map with you.

First of all, to get the most out of the map, I advise you to take care to download the few necessary mods. ????️

This completely fictional map is inspired by the French cereal plains, notably Beauce and Marne.

You will therefore mainly find large plots intended for the production of cereals (300ha are available). Livestock breeding, which is not very present in these regions, is therefore not basic on the map.

However, I chose to install several small plots of vines on the hillsides of the map, in order to represent the production of champagne, although here we will produce red grapes.

The village of Mermonville has several sales and production points. You will be able to produce your own flour for the bakery on the church square. The pizzeria and grocery store will be happy to buy your bread from you!

You will also have 2 cooperatives, these allow you to sell your cereals directly, but also to store them to wait for better prices, then to sell them via train to the next station (Honville).

Furthermore, the village is crossed by a river, on the edge of it there are numerous forest plots, the sawmill installed opposite the village will allow you to create your boards!

Do not hesitate to report any problems encountered on the map.

Good game everyone !!



Double Rod Mat Fence Pack

PlanET Modular BGA

Grain Mill

Aubrac hou e

traw torage

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