Metal warehouse (18×36, 18×48, 18×66, 18×78)

The modification is a metal bearing available in four unique designs and differs not only in length, but also in a number of additional functions.
Each option is equipped with a convenient, collision-free door for easy access,
which can also be opened to simulate real working conditions.
This adds realistic elements to the gameplay.
The interior of the warehouse is equipped with functional and internally controlled doors,
which facilitates loading and unloading of goods.
A special feature of the mod is the integrated lighting system.
A switch is installed inside the warehouse that allows the lights to be turned on depending on the time of day and weather conditions
can be turned on or off, which significantly improves visibility and increases comfort when working at night.
The longest version of the warehouse is equipped with two additional side doors
and thus offers even more options for efficient space and logistics management.
The mod’s pricing policy varies between 129,000 and 280,000 units of in-game currency,
so that users can choose the best option according to their budget and requirements.



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