Micro Tractor Sprayer Package

Micro Sprayer Tractor Package
Micro articulated tractor aimed at small producers, equipped with a broadcast seeder for cultivation, bars for applying pesticides and fertilizers, and a small trailer for transportation.

– Micro Sprayer Tractor:
– Price: $10,190
– Power: 20-50 HP;
– Wheel Configuration;
– Main Color Configuration;
– Design Color Configuration;
– Wheel Color Configuration;
– Design Configuration;

– Spraying Bars:
– Price: $1,900;
– Working Width: 8.5 Meters;
– Capacity: 650 Liters;
– Main Color Configuration;

– CSM180 Seed and Fertilizer Spreader:
– Price: $1,500;
– Working Width: 12 Meters;
– Capacity: 350 Liters;
– Main Color Configuration;
– Design Color Configuration;

– Transport Trailer:
– Price: $2,000;
– Main Color Configuration;
– Wheel Color Configuration

– Observations:
– Observation 1: The transport trailer transports the micro tractor only on the Conical Wheels, as they are iron wheels that cannot roll on any ground. Additionally, it is used for transporting pesticides, fertilizers, and seeds

– Observation 2: The Micro Tractor Sprayer can only engage its own implements, and the implements can only be attached to the Micro Tractor Sprayer, which are suitable for its size.


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