Modern Machinehall Package

A modern hall that combines the requirements of a modern operation. Whether for parking machines, storing bales or bulk goods, the hall is easy to use for everything.
Different versions are included in this pack.

Hall with workshop and one garage:
– Price: $100,000 – $140,000
– Daily Maintenance costs: $40-80 /day

– All gates and doors can opened
– Color choice for gates and windows
– Lights to switch on in the halls
– Workshop with trigger
– Machine hall with bulk material function
– The building is available again as a mirrored version
– Matching decorations to the buildings

– Price: $70,000
– Upkeep: $25 /day
– 2 gates, as well as a drive-through

Garage with silo system
– Price: $80,000
– Upkeep: $35 /day
– The total capacity of the silo plant is 100,000 liters.
– It can be tipped in the passage. Please note that due to the ceiling height, you can only tilt to the side, not backwards.
– Unloading can also be done by the AI helper.
– Charging takes place under the pipe in the left area of the garage
– Since the trailer has to be ranched backwards, the AI helper is not able to load automatically here.



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