Müthing MU-M 300 Vario

The Müthing Mulcher MU-M 300 Vario is a powerful mulching mower designed for professional use in agriculture and landscaping.
With a working width of 3 meters, this mulcher is ideal for larger areas and challenging terrain.
The MU-M 300 Vario is characterized by its robust construction, high-quality craftsmanship, and reliability.
Thanks to its variable cutting height, it can be adjusted to various requirements.
The unique mulching technology ensures fine shredding of the cut material and even distribution on the ground, resulting in improved soil structure and nutrient supply.
With its powerful engine and durable cutting tools, the Müthing Mulcher MU-M 300 Vario is a reliable partner for efficient mulching in demanding environments.

Technical specifications:
– Price: 8.950 $
– Max. working speed: 12 kph
– Required power: 75 – 160 hp
– Working width: 3,00 m
– Weight: 1085 kg

– Warning signs
– Logo white
– Paintjobs


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