Net Wrap Addon

This package add the management of the net wrap for round balers, after the creation of every bale, the round baler works for add the net wrap (it’s required that the round baler is work mode). After the round baler has added the net wrap, it’s possibile to unload the bale. The baler for round bale can be filled with the net wrap, using the pallet with 10 rolls of net wrap. The pallet is present in the pallets category of the store. Every roll is lenght of 4.500 meters and every bale is wrapped 8 times by default.

This package includes:
– Added the configuration for net wrap for all round balers
– Added a new HUD that show the net wrap fill level
– Added a new pallet with rolls of net wrap for refilling your round baler
– Added pallets and bales with rolls of net wrap with different brands design
– Added all default round balers of the game edited for working with net wrap, color and roll animation for size and rotation
– Added new store packs: „Net Wrap” here you can find all mods that working with net wrap
– The net wrap used is calculated based on the size of each bale
– The bales are created with the same color as the net wrap loaded on the baler
– When the meters of net wrap will be less than 225 meters, the net wrap will change color to white and it will be possible to reload with any color of net wrap the baler

Pallet with rolls of net wrap:
Brands: Claas, Fendt, John Deere, Krone, Kuhn, Kverneland, Massey Ferguson, Poettinger, Vicon and black
10 rolls of net wrap
2.500 to 4.500 meters of net wrap for every roll
Price: 1.500 to 2.700 $

List of currently fully supported mods.

Basegame mods:
– Poettinger Impress 125 FPRO
– Kuhn VB3190
– Claas Rollant 455 Uniwrap
– Massey Ferguson Baler 4160 V
– Fendt Rotana 160V
– Poettinger Impress 185 VCPro

DLC mods:
– Straw Harvest Pack

ModHub mods:
– Vicon Fast Bale
– Poettinger Impress 125 FCPro
– New Holland BR 6090 And Case RB 344
– Claas Rollant 66
– Claas Rollant 250 Roto Cut
– Claas Rollant 350 RotoCut
– Claas Rollant 455 RotoCut
– Deutz-Fahr Balers
– Krone Comprima F155 XC
– Kuhn VB 2190
– Kuhn VB3190 Baler
– Kuhn VB3190 Baler CrossPlay
– QuickBale
– Selectable Bale Capacity Pack
– Selectable Bale Capacity Addon
– Ultimate Mowing And Baling Pack

– Always check that you have net wrap in the round baler before using it
– The round baler doesn’t work if the net wrap is missing


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