New Holland S2200

The New Holland S2200 was a forage harvester made in Europe in the mid-1980s.
With a modest 220 horsepower and heads that barely exceeded the transport width of this machine,
this made the S2200 ideal for small European farmers who wanted a reliable chipper.
This model was specially imported to the United States to meet the needs of small dairy producers who want a reliable machine at a low price.
This module has aged quite well. It is based on a Russian Rostelmash helicopter from FS17,
and was converted/remodeled to look more like a New Holland in FS19.
Not much has been changed with the textures. This is partly due to my lack of knowledge of textures,
and also because the aged textures give the chopper an older, run-down feel that’s befitting of a 35-40 year old machine.

S2200 Specifications:

– Price $30,000
– 220 horsepower
– Hydrostatic transmission
– Maximum speed of 15 mph
– Trelleborg or Michelin tire sets
– Yellow or white rim color

Corn Head Specifications:

– Price $8,000
– Working width of 4 meters (5 rows)
– 6 mph working speed

Hay Picker Specifications:

– Price $5,000
– Working width of 3.1 meters
– 9 mph working speed

Sickle Head Specifications:

– Price $5,000
– Working width of 5 meters
– 6 mph working speed

Author: Shnurok scholl Risicoltori pazzi Skywalker Farms

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