NF Marsch Map

The NF Marsch Map is an FS19 classic, back on 22:

Typical North German landscape in North Frisia. We have dykes here, ditches around the fields, and the fields are mostly square.
The land has been reclaimed from the North Sea by dykes over the past few centuries
There are no ready-made courtyards, everyone can creatively design their own courtyard according to their personal preferences.

On the NF March there are 79 fields with , from 0.8 ha to 95 ha, everything is there, average terrain
approximately 12.8 ha and the total area of all fields is just over 1000 ha of which approximately 140 ha is grassland
There are over 150 hectares of forest with countless trees, most of which are also suitable for the woodcutter.

In addition to the standard fruits, rye, spelled, triticale and millet are now installed on the map,

there are other types of infill on the map: dirt, sand and gravel
earth in the ditch
In the ditches you can find dirt in many places on the map, which you can dredge and sell with an excavator,

then there is the area of sand, gravel, dirt where there is a lot of material to dig and load
If you harvest a lot, you must also sell a lot.

There are total 16 different outlets at NF March 4 times, including Raiffeisen,
Port, station but without train, depot, grain trade and grain AG



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