North March Reloaded

Hello, hello from Dithmarschen
Little info in advance:
– The map has 2 versions.
– Version 1 has 3 farms, a Lohner, no decorative sheep, then you can still add animals.
– Version 2 has 3 farms, a wage farmer and decorative sheep. You can no longer place animals there.
– now you have the choice which version you want to play.
– The card is for medium-sized machines.
– Demolishing farms will result in a penalty.

– Now to map.
– There are 124 fields.
– 13 points of sale.
– 9 productions.
– Sawmill.
– Great Forest.
– 100 collectibles.
– Livestock dealer.
– Animals on the map chickens, pigs, cows.
– There are seeds and fertilizer.
– Decorative trees.
– Grass mission.
– Fruits: millet, triticale, spelled, green rye.
– Now I hope you have fun with my card. If you have any questions, just come to my Discord


Aunt Emma hop

Wind Turbine Package

Dutch hed Pack

Cow hed 3+3


German Fire tation

Fi hfarming

Half-Timbered Farm Building

Farmhou e Pack

Medium Metal Machine Hall

Agricultural Fair

Lizard Liquid Manure Tank

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