Offlum 22

Welcome to the idyllic Offlum in the middle of the beautiful Münsterland. Everything from an agricultural perspective is represented, from small to large machines, everything can be used. The courtyards are arranged accordingly. There are small winding courtyards, but also large open courtyards. The landscape is rather flat, with smaller hills and many ditches.
– 119 fields
– 11 meadows
– 5 agricultural businesses
– 2 biogas plants
– 12 forest areas for forestry
– Custom textures
– Realistic stubble destruction
– Ditches and waterholes fill up when it rains
– Prepared for precision farming with its own soil map
– Seasonal map objects
– 1 point of sale
– Animal dealer
– PUMPS N’ HOSES DLC is required


Compo ite Machine hed

Placeable ilo

Fuel tation

mall Bunker ilo

Old Cow hed

Old Farm Package

Cow hed 3+0

Dutch hed Pack

Cow hed 3+3

Wa hing tation

European Factorie

Dutch Contractor hed

Cow hed Pack

Wolf y tem Hall

Dutch New Pig hed

Old Manure Heap Pack

Pig hed

German Grain Mill

Big White Cow Barn

GDR Grain Hall

Farmhou e Package Volume 2

Old Cow hed

mall Modular Bunker ilo Pack


VDI Large torage Hall

Old Wood hed

Double Rod Mat Fence Pack

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