Open Air Garden

These are 3 garden for growing vegetables and fruit outdoors.
There is a small, a medium sized and a large garden.
In winter, a plastic foil greenhouse appears, protecting the plants from the cold weather.
In addition to tomatoes, lettuce and strawberries, you can grow potatoes, sunflowers, cotton, maize, soybeans and sugarbeet in this garden.
In the medium and large garden you can also grow grapes.
The additional fruittypes are delivered in open pallet boxes.
In addition to the standard recipes, where water is sufficient as an ingredient, there are also recipes with seed and fertilizer or seed and manure.
These additional recipes bring more and faster plant growth. This gives you more profit than the pure water recipes.

Price for the garden: $2,000
Price for the medium garden: $8,000
Price for the large garden: $20,000
Daily upkeep: $10

Slots on consoles:
Each garden: 2 slot
Distributer: 1 slot
Garden pump: 1 slot



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