Open Sheds

Here we have some open lean-to type sheds for Farming Simulator 22. Unfortunately GIANTS have a problem with me not using their shitty colour selection functionality and creating a bunch of different i3ds and variants in the shop. I’m not going to go down the route they want for modhub, so they’ll have to release on These are a required mod for Fen Edge.

There’s 2 different styles, with 7 different colours and 2 different wall materials so there’s 28 different combinations, as well as another 7 of the larger sheds with a workshop trigger for repairing and repainting machinery.

Disclaimer & Terms of Use

1) This mod is not to be distributed anywhere but and I will vigorously pursue reposting/rehosting where I can.

2)I retain ownership of it in total and in part in all circumstances and I expressly do not give permission to convert this mod to future iterations of the game, by any party other than myself, whether I am contactable or not.

3)If you wish to use the objects in your own maps you are free to do so provided that you add the mod as a dependency and do not directly import the buildings.

Downloading the mod from this site signifies agreeing to these terms.



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