Welcome to Ostbeck, a fictional island in the Baltic Sea that offers unique adventures and a lively community in Farming Simulator 22.

What Ostbeck offers:
– 19 fields, including 3 picturesque meadows, for farming adventures.
– Dense forests and majestic trees for exciting forestry experiences. Including:
– 1 large wooded area
– 1 medium forest area on the villa hill
– 1 small forest by the river or the island
– Challenges as a firefighter or police officer to ensure public safety.

– Production facilities for processing agricultural products, including
– Sawmill
– 5 greenhouses
– spinning mill
– Grape processing
– Muesli factory
– Dairy
– Sugar factory
– Grain mill
– Several building sites waiting for your work.
– The opportunity to take a bus tour of the island and discover the beauty of Ostbeck.
– A functioning traffic light system for a realistic road traffic experience.
– The option to sit down at certain benches and enjoy the surroundings (in multiplayer with several players. The official Kubota Pack DLC is required).

There is also a farm on Ostbeck:
– A farm with a biogas plant, two mobile silos, a large vehicle shed, two shelters and a farmhouse.
– A large cowshed and a pigsty for livestock farming.
– Various sales outlets on the island, including
– supermarket
– pizzeria
– restaurant
– Farmers’ market

– A fire station with 6 parking spaces for the fire engines.
– A playground where you can use the swings to take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the island atmosphere.
– An extremely detailed map that shows every corner of the island with attention to detail and places worth exploring.
– A road maintenance depot with vehicle sheds, workshop and bulk materials such as earth, sand and gravel to keep the island’s roads and paths in perfect condition.


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