Pasta Production

Pasta production for farming simulator.
The mod contains 4 buildings and a selling point:
– Pasta production building (Cost: $90.000)
– Pasta production trigger (Cost: $20.000)
– Grain mill (Cost: $96.000)
– Grain mill trigger (Cost: $20.000)

Production triggers are meant to be placed near decorative buildings on the map, to „convert” them into productions.
The mill is used to produce corn flour and soy flour.

Pasta production:
Inputs: Flour, Water.
Output: Dried Pasta.

inputs: Flour, Eggs.
Output: Fresh Pasta.

inputs: Flour, Potatoes.
Output: Potato Pasta.

inputs: Corn flour, Water.
Output: Corn pasta.

inputs: Soy flour, Water.
Output: Soya spaghetti.

Grain mill:
Input: Maize.
Output: Corn flour.

Input: Soybeans.
Output: Soya flour.

The mod also contains a placeable sales point (cost: $5.000) to sell pasta production products.


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