Phiber Dash Chemical Mixing

The Phiber Dash system is one of the most effecient ways to mix chemicals and refill a sprayer. The Dash automates chemical mixing and cleaning, reducing the possibility for human error, decreasing the time needed to fill a sprayer, and increasing overall sprayer productivity. The Dash has two pumps; a high-volume water pump with a 13hp motor rated at 430 GPM, and an air-diaphragm pump capable of 40 GPM used for auto rinsing and agitating dry products. Separate inductors allow operators to load multiple products in advance of a fresh sprayer load while maintaining chemical separation. Once chemicals are loaded into their respective inductors and the sprayer is attached, the fill and rinse process can be operated from one central ground-level location beside the trailer. Chemicals can be delivered to the sprayer individually by activating the control handle corresponding to their respective inductor. As the control handle is activated two valves are opened. One valve at the bottom of the inductor is opened unloading chemicals, under suction, into the main water stream. A second valve opens to activate the inductor rinse head, rinsing and unloading the inductor simultaneously. Each inductor can unload in approximately 15 seconds; including a rinse cycle that ensures complete chemical delivery and the elimination of chemical residue buildup.

The virtual version of the Dash takes some of the unique features of the real equipment and brings them to the game. The Dash 4.4 and Dash 1.4 are capable of mixing Herbicide from Unmixed Herbicide or Liquid Fertilizer from Water Soluble Fertilizer. The trailers can either be bought preassembled or you can buy the components you like to assemble your own.

To see a tutorial for this mod check out the mod page on the Official Modhub website.

Pre-assembled Trailers:

45FT Dash Trailer:
Price: $73,900
Capacity: 26500 liters
Included items in the package: 45FT Step Deck, FSH3250 Tank, FSH3750 Tank, Cage, Dash 4.4, Totedeck

50FT Dash Trailer:
Price: $81,850
Capacity: 28300 liters
Included items in the package: 50FT Step Deck, FSH3250 Tank, FSH4250 Tank, Cage, Dash 4.4, Totedeck x2

50FT Dash Sprayer Deck Trailer:
Price: $68,600
Capacity: 12300 liters
Included items in the package: 50FT Step Deck, FSH3250 Tank, Dash 4.4, Totedeck

45FT Dash Trailer Simple:
Price: $74,000
Capacity: 26500 liters
A simple trailer for transporting liquids


45FT Step Deck:
Price: $30,000

50FT Step Deck:
Price: $35,000

Price: $18,500

X2 Flatbed:
Price: $8,500

Steel Drop Deck:
Price: $28,500

Renown Drop Deck:
Price: $45,000

Dash Components:

Dash 4.4:
Price: $25,000
Function: Mixing Herbicide and Liquid Fertilizer

Dash 1.4:
Price: $12,500
Function: Mixing Herbicide and Liquid Fertilizer

Water Pump:
Price: $3,000
Function: Pumping liquids from tanks

Price: $2,500
Function: Storage

Tote Deck:
Price: $2,000
Function: Storage

Tanks for Dash 4.4:

Price: $6,250
Capacity: 10400 liters

Price: $6,600
Capacity: 12300 liters

Price: $7,800
Capacity: 14200 liters

Price: $8,750
Capacity: 16000 liters

Tanks for Dash 1.4:

Price: $1,150
Capacity: 4000 liters

Price: $1,350
Capacity: 5100 liters

Price: $1,450
Capacity: 5700 liters

Price: $1,550
Capacity: 6200 liters

Price: $2,300
Capacity: 7700 liters

Price: $1,700
Capacity: 5300 liters

Price: $1,800
Capacity: 6400 liters

Price: $2,000
Capacity: 7500 liters


Herbicide Tote:
Price: $24,000
Capacity: 1000 liters of Unmixed Herbicide

Herbicide Jug:
Price: $260
Capacity: 10 liters of Unmixed Herbicide

Herbicide Jug Multibuy:
Price: $260-2080
Capacity: 1-8 Jugs of 10 liters of Unmixed Herbicide

Soluble Fertilizer:
Price: $9,600
Capacity: 150 liters of Water Soluble Fertilizer

Community Well
Price: $3,000
Function: Water Refill Point



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