Plan Fazenda Sino

Fazenda Sino map for PC in Farming Simulator 22,
map based on the Fazenda Sino which is located between Medeiros and Bambuí in the region of Serra da Canastra MG,
where its economy is well diversified with plantations, milk, fish farming and grain storage.
The map was constructed from real relief of the region.
Additional crops on the map include coffee, rice, black beans, pinto beans, onions, garlic, carrots and millet.
Factory producing new products such as dulce de leche, rapadura, molasses, yogurt and cream cheese
NPC traffic for Brazilian vehicles has been added.
Added a coal pit and a forest area with a large tree area for those who like forestry
Fields with medium and steep relief to simulate the relief of the region
Missions in map fields and some open field areas
Main roads with dirt texture
The map features factories such as Vó Lola, a flour factory, a coffee dryer, a dairy, a fish farm, an orchard as well as outlets such as warehouses 1 and 2,
sale of balls, supermarket, gravel pit, in addition to all factories being a point of sale for the purchase of these
Textures such as soy, wheat and realistic corn texture have been added.


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