Polish Corn Dryer Addon

An addon of Polish maize drying is a type of production that adds a new option for earning money.
After the harvest, we can dry the harvested corn and sell it for a higher price than wet corn.

To dry the corn you need the main dryer building, which has a corn and gas tank.
You need to deliver gas to it and then attach the dryers.

*In addition to the main building in the pack you will find:
-A tank for buying/storing propane
-Trailers to transport the gas (Category: Miscellaneous)
-Buildings allowing the sale of dried corn

>Corn drying plant:
-Price: 36,000$
-Daily maintenance: 10$
-Capacity: *32000 L – Maize
*5000 L – Propane

>Gas tank:
-Price: 6000$
-Daily maintenance: 5$
-Capacity: 5000 L – Propane

>Vehicles (Category-Miscellaneous):
-Price: 68000$
-Capacity: 32000 L

-Price: 25000$
-Capacity: 8000 L

-Price: 29500$
-Capacity: 3750 L

>Points of sale (Category-Points of sale):
-Farmers’ market
-Fast food restaurant


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