Quicke Bale Tools

Quicke bale tools designed in Sweden provide efficiency in handling both square and round bales.

Square bale fork – SAFETY

Designed for handling large square bales
Price: 950 $
Category: Frontloader tools
Foldable tines, big bag lifter configuration and tine amount configuration
Tine color configuration

Bale Spike MK2

Designed for handling round one round bale or square bales
Price: 650 $
Category: Frontloader tools

Unigrip 160

Designed for handling round bales with diameter up to 160 cm.
Price: 1700 $
Category: Frontloader tools


Designed for handling both round and square bales. With bale spike configuration it can handle two round bales at a time!
Price: 1600 $
Category: Frontloader tools
127 mm and 89 mm rollers configurations, bale spike configuration, roller color configuration

Quadrogrip TS

Designed for handling square bales up to 200 cm. Round bales can be handled too.
Price: 3500 $
Category: Frontloader tools
Tip guard configuration, grabber arm length configuration



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