Rába Steiger 250

Rába Steiger 250 all-wheel drive tractor.
(Hungarian People’s Republic, Hungarian RÁBA Wagon and Machinery Plant)

The Rába-Steiger 250 tractor is an improved version of the Rába-Steiger 245, a high-performance four-wheel drive power unit. Its engine is already air-cooled and has a lower rated speed, the type of turbocharger has also changed. A more powerful starter and a new type of generator were installed.

An air filter canister status indicator is also included. A new indicator, control and fault indicators were installed on the dashboard, and the old steering wheel was replaced with a Hungarian one. Starting has been fixed with a new start button instead of the old rotary start. light switch.

New manual cold start button for a special cold start mixture for easy starting, it must be injected into the engine intake manifold and operated at an ambient temperature below -5oC. The cabin is equipped with a slip indicator at the top right.

The cabin has been fitted with a new AGIS-PTUJ driver’s seat, which can already be adjusted to the weight of the driver.

Characteristics :
– Price: €11,000
– Power: 250 hp

Author: Balogh2003 Petya20

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