Realistic damage system

The LS19 “Vehicle Maintenance” mod returns to the LS22 with new functions!

With this script you make maintaining your vehicle much more complex and you have to really think about when you want to repair the damage to your vehicle.
Damage happens to every vehicle over time. Some of them will be indicated to you in the help window, others you will have to find through an hour-long inspection.
To start an inspection or repair the damage, you must buy a pallet from the store, approach it and then access the maintenance menu.

In this menu you can select the extent of damage to repair. You will also be told how much a repair would cost with the current selection and how long it would take.

Once a maintenance or inspection has started, it will only be carried out during working hours from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. If it is in a time window where no work is being done, it will be paused until the morning.

If you don’t repair damage your vehicle has sustained over time, it will take longer to start, may not start, and will stall if the engine is put under undue stress.

When you first start the game with this mod, the script looks at the vehicle’s current damage and adds as much damage as it would have done to that vehicle.

These are already known, so do not need to be discovered during an inspection and can be repaired directly through the maintenance menu.

If you play with the latest version of CVT_Addon mod, your transmission will be damaged even more due to malfunction. Below 90% damage, the gearbox can be repaired inexpensively and in a lot of time; above 90%, it must be replaced. It costs a lot more, but is faster.

Additionally, the repair cost and damage amount can be set in the ESC menu with the “Repair and Painting Settings (Configure Maintenance)” mod.



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