Renault Clio Williams

The Clio Williams was born in 1993 to serve as a basis for rally approval and to celebrate the successes of Renault, then engine manufacturer for the Williams team, in Formula 1. As the advertising slogan said: „You can blush to shame, turn green with rage, but it was a Clio that Frank Williams gave his name.”
For this approval, Renault had to produce the Clio with an “F engine” of 2 liters of displacement. Initially 4,500 numbered vehicles were planned. Given the success, a second series of 2,500 was launched. In total, more than 12,000 cars were produced. 4,500 numbered examples will be produced, then thanks to its sporting and commercial success, a total of around 12,100 vehicles will be produced.
Furthermore, Renault needed to produce more than 2,500 examples of this vehicle to be able to use it in competition.
In addition, this model was used as a safety car during Formula 1 competitions in 1996 and also an exclusive version for the Swiss ”Swiss Champion”
Designed from a Clio 16S base, the Clio Williams benefits from numerous additional equipment: semi-bucket front seats, blue carpet, pressure gauge with blue background and numbered plate, enlarged front axle as well as gold-colored Speedline rims and only available in blue.

-interactive door, hood, trunk and window control
– full animate speedometer, crankset and shift lever
– unique blue and gold color for the rims like the williams irl
-plate numbered inside as irl with n* 2856
-for those who have the Years of the vehicle mods the year ”1993” this is displayed in the shop


Interactive Control

Vehicle Year

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