Rocky Mountain Valley 16x

Hello everyone, after several years of learning to map well, today I offer you my project for download.

This map is based on a region but is fictional in its design. This map includes over 100 agricultural plots ranging from 0.71 ha to 600 ha, all square, round, triangular and of all kinds.
All base factories are present, but can be converted to a 16x production map without changing production costs and capabilities.
A huge biogas Edit
25 basic greenhouses
Several careers for TP
Huge forests (300,000 trees), crossing them requires a lot of skill

Several forestry productions, including Platinium productions
Very complicated installation of 4 roller coasters of the Platinum DLC
Also complicated construction of 5 shipyards (boats do not collide)
Adding soil to certain forests
TP quarry with gravel, earth and sand
Production of cement concrete slabs, concrete, export containers, cars… (others are being created, but this is for a future addition with numerous TP factories)
Complete translation into French, German and English
4 cow enclosures
4 sheep pens
4 pig pens
Several horse shelters are placed in different locations on the map. By rolling you can place them almost anywhere

Added a range of lime seeds for agricultural production, solid fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, herbicide fertilizer
Concrete slabs and export containers can be hitched with a crane hook (Volvo DLC)
Base manure spreader absorbs limeManure transporters absorb waterIntegrate autodrive into board
Compatible with the Terrafarm 16x supplied with the card
More than 100 km of vines
More than 100 km of olives
All trailers including modders accept grapes and all fruits (deep XML mod)
Several base vehicles have been changed for the benefit of the map, including a number of oddities, some with special associations a JCB 8030 and a versatile version of Rocky Mountain an NH telescope with a set of dual wheels an NH vineyard tractor 4 trailers of truck a multi-fruit seeder from Amazon the most powerful Prinoth Raptor, more winch traction and higher weight The basic ROPA type pickers take all TP fruits and basic fruits on a JD X9 harvester in the Rocky Mountain version with a significantly longer lifespan of the cutter bar, a Grimme Harvester Rocky Mountain version, a Ropa Harvester Rocky Mountain version -VersionA Claas loader in Rocky Mountain version and its 5-rail bucket system


Platinum Expan ion

Premium Expan ion

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