Rottne F20D

Rottne F20D is a sturdy forwarder with very large load capacity of a full 20 tonnes, making it perfect for transport for long forwarding distances.
The balanced bogies, with large wide wheels, provide excellent flotation capacity and smooth and gentle travel.

Wide Load XL has a variable load area with hydraulic stakes and hydraulically width adjustable gate.

Overview possibilities and adjustments:
– 2 Engine variants.
– Window tint in clear and black.
– Exhaust guard.
– Hood protection optionally with fire extinguishers, including red parking light rings.
– Log Leveler Shield.
– The height of the Bunk can be controlled separately.
– Crane movement angle adjusted.
– Position light in the Claw to better assess where you are exactly.
– Additional Tires and Olofsfors configurations.
– Various color changes.
– Vehicle in Old and New color design.
– Various vehicle customizations.
– Additional indoor camera for Claw tracking.
– Additional saw on the Claw to cut and load trees directly.
– Traction Winch for pulling logs and securing on slopes
– The license plate behind the windshield can e.g. can be used for the driver name.

Notes on the Saw
Controllable by pick-up lifting/lowering (both same function) PC: Key V, PS4/5: L1 + circle, Xbox: L1 + B

Note on the Winch
Winch requires the „Platinum Expansion DLC”, otherwise it is just a decoration.

Note to the Passenger Seat
Requires the „Kubota DLC”

Power: from 278 HP
Price: from 350.000 $


HR For t und Fahrzeugbau

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