Simple Expandable Pastures

This pack contains two simple cow pastures, which can be expanded using the „Expandable Pastures” mod. One pasture has an old barrel with a drinking trough, which the animals use to get water. This barrel must be refilled regularly. The second pasture has a swivel pump, which allows the groundwater to be used as a water supply. This means that it is not necessary to fill the drinking trough.

This pasture is also Animal Grazing Ready.

All 3D models were provided by BavarianRedneck. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart!

Cow pasture with barrel
Price: 7.500 $
Daily upkeep: 25 $
Animals: 10 Kühe

Cow pasture with trough
Price: 7.500 $
Daily upkeep: 25 $
Animals: 10 Kühe


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