Skoda Kodiaq Tour de France End of Caravan

Hello everyone

Here it is after months of waiting! I present to you: ????

The Skoda Kodiak Tour de France End of Caravan!!! ⚪️????

The only real mod for the Tour de France on FS22! ????????

– The UV of the vehicle was done by hand without any basis, just using the photo help on Google. ????

– The 3D of the box at the top of the car was also handmade by one of my colleagues!

– The writing „Vigilants” was done by our dear friend, Kaymara. ????

– The license plates have been completely redone so that they resemble the reality of the original vehicle as closely as possible!

⚠️Any reconversion or re-upload is prohibited and any modification(s) of the mod is STRICTLY PROHIBITED ⚠️

In short, I hope you have a blast!

-Trainsdenormandie, Kaymara and Timéo to serve you!


Train denormandie


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