Somewhere In Lower Bavaria

Welcome Somewhere in the Bavarian Forest
This is my first map, which is based on a region near Passau
Waiting for you on the map
6 farms, including cows, a forest sheep farm
63 arable land
13 forest areas for the tree pushers
1 large BGA
1 small BGA
Various productions such as oil mill, sugar mill and gardens

Have fun on my first modding project!


Bavarian Farm Pack

Package Of Premium Pallet And Bag

Decorative Detail Pack

Placeable Dairy Farm Package

BGA 50kW

Recycling Center

Halftimbered helter

Old hed

Fruit Greenhou e

mall Barn for heep

Wooden Pa ture Pack


mall Garden

Vehicle Work hop

Bavarian Building Package

Land berg Farm

Franconian Farm Building

Field helter

Concrete Bunker ilo

Lower Bavarian Farm Pack

Agricultural Fair

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