Southern German Farmbuildings Pack

This is an extensive farm building pack in the southern German style.
There are 12 differently furnished, walk-in farmhouses.
4 of them are two-story, 4 are single-story, and 4 of the farmhouses are slot-saving houses, i.e. sparingly decorated, so that players with old consoles and pc’s can also build walk-in farmhouses.
There are also numerous halls, sheds and functional buildings.
The halls have gates on both sides so that difficult trailers can easily pass through.
The back wall of the sheds can be lowered or raised.
This means you always have the choice between a drive-through hall or a shed with a back wall.
The largest of these sheds is also available with solar panels to generate passive income.
The highlight of every farm is the large cornered barn, which serves as pallet and bale storage for up to 700 objects on the upper floor.
If you prefer something smaller, you can also use the medium-sized hall with pallet and bale storage.
Silos are available either as a simple wooden silo or integrated into a building.
Both as multi-fruit silos with a capacity of 10,000,000 liters.
If you like to buy farm supplies or animal feed, you can put the small buying station on the farm. Water is even free here.
To make silage you can use the fermenter silo, which has two wooden silo buildings.
There is also a small farm bakery where you can grind flour and bake bread or cakes.
The buildings each have a red or black roof and different wood and wall colors.
The accent color, e.g. shutters, gates, etc. can be freely chosen from many colors during construction.

Facts and prices:
– 4 two-story farmhouses: $50,000, 25 – 31 slots
– 4 single storey farmhouses: $35,000, 23 – 24 slots
– 4 slot-saving farmhouses: $25,000, 9 slots
– 2 garages: $500, 5 slots
– 2 garden huts: $100, 5 slots
– 4 vehicle halls with sliding doors on both sides: $8,000 – €10,000, 5 slots
– 10 open vehicle shelters: $1,000 – $8,000, retractable rear wall, 5 slots
– 2 vehicle shelters with solar roof: $50,000, income $900 per hour of sunshine, 5 slots
– 2 large corner barns with pallet storage: $30,000, 700 pallets or bales, 6 slots
– 2 medium-sized vehicle halls with pallet storage: $10,000, 500 pallets, 5 slots
– 2 multi-fruit silos in a building: $30,000, 10,000,000 liters, 11 slots
– 2 multi-fruit wooden silos: $20,000, 10,000,000 liters, 5 slots
– 2 fermenter silos with wooden silos: $30,000, silage made from grass, hay or chopped corn, 7 slots
– 2 small walk-in farm bakeries: $10,000, flour made from wheat, barley, oats or corn, bread, cakes, 11 slots
– 2 small buying stations: $5,000, purchase of farm supplies, animal feed, water is free, 6 slots



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